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San Luis Obispo County, California Judgment Collection Attorneys

Glassberg, Pollak & Associates is a collection law firm providing judgment collection and enforcement services for creditors throughout the world who have judgment debtors located in San Luis Obispo County, California. Our judgment collection attorneys are highly skilled, experienced professionals utilizing time proven strategies and techniques to collect and enforce judgment claims that are placed with our firm.

Through the many years since our law firm was founded, we have tailored our practice areas to focus mainly on collection cases including those involving judgments. During this time, our collection attorneys have honed their skills in the collection of judgment claims, in order to provide our clients with dynamic results in the recovery of their hard earned revenue. All judgment collection claims that we receive are immediately assigned to and managed by one of our well seasoned attorneys so that we can achieve a quick turnaround time for each and every client.

Our staff, along with our judgment collection attorneys, provides excellent service and support to our valued clients throughout the ongoing collection and enforcement process with respect to your San Luis Obispo County judgments. We are committed to giving you the highest level of professionalism and determination in the collection and enforcement of the judgments that you have entrusted to our firm.

Our collection fees are typically contingent based and are very reasonable for the judgment collection and enforcement services that we provide for you in San Luis Obispo County, California. Some clients do prefer for us to handle their judgment claims on an hourly fee and sometimes even a flat fee, which naturally depends on the situation. Please let us know which fee option you prefer when placing your San Luis Obispo County judgment claims.

As judgment collection attorneys, we know how important it is that you receive the best possible return on your judgment claims. It can sometimes be the difference between having a healthy profit line or one that puts you in the red. We certainly understand that collecting the judgments that you have placed with us is critical to your overall company success and well being. We don't take our duties lightly and we will do everything within our power to ensure that your San Luis Obispo County judgments are handled in such a manner that provides the best possible outcome for your company.

If your company has judgment debtors who are located in San Luis Obispo County, California, our judgment collection attorneys and staff are prepared to serve your judgment domestication, collection and enforcement needs. Whether your company has one judgment claim or hundreds, Glassberg, Pollak & Associates will provide your company with the services that are needed to recover the money that is due you. Please contact one of our judgment collection attorneys at (415) 291-8320 today and we will design a judgment collection and enforcement campaign to suit your company needs.


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